Non Toxic Shot Regulations

The use of lead shot is illegal in two areas, Habitat and Species.


In England the law forbids the use of lead shot on the foreshore and specified SSSI’s (Sites of Scientific and Special Interest). 

This means lead shot cannot be used or allowed to fall on this land no matter what you are shooting at. 

At the time of writing the only area this applies to on our shots is Newlands Marsh, which is both foreshore and SSSI. 

The safest way when shooting Newlands is not to have any lead shot on your person at all. Then you cannot be accused of using it!   


Ducks, Geese, Moorhens and Coots cannot be shot with lead wherever they occur. 

This means you can use lead on all our other shoots at any species, except those above.   


You’re on Newlands and a woodie comes into range – no lead. 

You’re on Fobbing scrape and a pheasant flies over – lead OK

You’re decoying pigeon over Bulphan and duck flies over – no lead.   

The penalties for using lead shot illegally are severe for the user as well as the club officials and landowner. Therefore the committee will not permit or condone its illegal use by any member.