Quarry & Seasons


Mallard, Teal, Wigeon, Pintail, Pochard, Gadwall, Shoveler, Tufted, Goldeneye. 


Canada, Greylag, Pinkfoot, Whitefront.

All of the above Sept 1st - Jan 31st. Duck and Geese season extended to Feb 20th below HWM of spring tides ie. Newlands marsh. 


Pheasant; Oct 1st - Feb 1st, Partridge; Sept 1st - Feb 1st, Woodcock; Oct 1st - Jan 31st.


The following can be shot at any time as pests - Fox, Brown rat, Mice (except Dormice), Rabbit, Grey squirrel, Mink, Weasel, Stoat, Feral cat.